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Jeffrey Hull

Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Wind Upon the Waters

This little piece is meant to be read aloud with a swing, and a bit of an Irish brogue to give it some flavor. The last lines give a hint of what the poem is actually about.

The Wind upon the Waters

O the wind upon the waters makes
   The waves upon the sea;
The pounding of the ocean shakes
   This heart inside of me.
I stand upon the sandy strand
   And dream of days when we
Would stroll the land there hand in hand
   And dream of what we'd be.
I planned to be a sailor man
   And you'd wait patiently
To spy your man, his features tan,
   Come rollin' home to thee.
Regalin' tales of salty whales
   We'd stroll along the quay;
I'd furl my sails from ocean gales
   And follow you home to tea.
We'd have a lad, I'd be his dad,
   And bounce him on my knee,
And seldom sad for times I had
   When life was wild and free.
O the wind upon the waters makes
   The waves upon the sea;
And the pounding of the ocean breaks
   This heart inside of me.

© 2004 Jeffrey Hull


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