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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, January 21, 2005

I'm the Boss

There is no doubt about who wears the pants in my family.


My wife and I, we have a deal
And I will put this plainly:
The big decisions fall to me
She chooses small stuff, mainly.

The house, the car, the children's school,
And sundry other trifles
I leave to her—that's her domain—
I choose the hunting rifles.

I choose which table saw to buy,
Ignoring her assessments;
And choosing brokers is my job—
I leave her the investments.

Why, just last spring I was in charge
Of buying the new mower,
She merely refinanced the house
To get the interest lower.

I choose which driving route to take
For family excursion;
Those tales about me getting lost,
Well, that is just her version.

Men: wear the pants, and make the rules—
You’ll find success is rooted
In leaving small things to the wives
For which they're better suited.

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull


hahahahahahahahahahahaha! lol

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