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Jeffrey Hull

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

An Old Story

This poem was composed, as with many of my poems, in response to a posting at Richard Lawrence Cohen's blog.

An Old Story

In love it seems despite our dreams
   Another course is charted:
Despite the warnings writ in reams
   We oft end broken hearted.

The love of fairy tales and such —
   Life ever does elude it;
And what we thought was Cupid's touch —
   Perhaps we misconstrued it.

To dance the dance of true romance
   Is for the moment fleeting:
We can't expect the lovers' trance
   To last, for all entreating.

A gift that Time can never grant:
   That he should cease progressing.
But what he offers to supplant
   Should not be so distressing.

For after passion's flames burn low
   To leave its warming embers
We learn to love the fire's glow
   Through all our cold Decembers.

© 2004 Jeffrey Hull


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