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Jeffrey Hull

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Time's Arrow

Our journey through this world is a succession of choices which we cannot ever retrace. The arrow of time points only one way.

Time's Arrow

Tomorrow trips in petty pace
From time to time and place to place
Down dim and dirty corridors
Through endless halls of armored doors
That creaking open but reveal
More endless halls of doors of steel
And wand'rings through this maze so vast
Forever lock each door we've passed.

So many paths we could have gone!
Enticed by things that led us on
And turned our heads this way and that
'Til like some laboratory rat
Exhausted in our final days
We reach the end of mortals' maze
And find that the expected cheese
Is more like pain and slow disease.

But there’s no point in tears or wrath
At end of life and end of path;
We can't retrace a single pace
So best to meet our fate with grace.
The consequence of choice we bear,
So choose your doors with utmost care
How many men are heard to say:
I did not mean to come this way!

© 2004 Jeffrey Hull


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