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Jeffrey Hull

Monday, February 07, 2005

The Greeter

Here is a minor piece posted ahead of the "regular schedule." An extra.

Richard Lawrence Cohen questioned why the greeter ignored him the other day. My thoughts. By following the link, one can see my further comments/analysis.

The Greeter

“Why did she not greet me?”
Sotto voce he did say,
As he hurried by the greeter
At the WalMart door that day.

“I know that she could see me,
And since it is her task
Most neighborly to hail me,
Why not? is what I ask.”

“Is it my demeanor?
Is it how I'm dressed?
Is it my religion?”
The man was most distressed.

An old man with a walker
Whom age had left the worst
Looked him in the eye and said:
“Next time, you greet her first.”

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull


I read this originally over at Richard's blog weeks ago and liked it then. It's held up well, and is probably my favorite poem on your site.

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