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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, March 25, 2005

Half Magic

There was a boy who found a magic coin,
   An elfin charm which granted one's desire,
But to this boon a devilish quirk did join:
   It granted half, but not the wish entire.

He wished himself a tropic desert isle
   And straightway found himself on lonely land —
But searched in vain for water, all the while
   Around him lay a sea of burning sand.

And wishing for a trove of coins of gold
   Brought only sacks of fake doubloons of lead;
Whatever thing he wished for, I am told,
   He got the lesser part of it instead.

It came to pass I found that selfsame charm.
   I made my fervent wish to win your heart,
And half of your resistance did disarm —
   But now it seems I won the colder part.

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull


Now that's a poem to ease the pain!

Really funny Jeff! I love the title and the imagery, especially the "sea" as "burning sand."

My head also put me in two differnet places simultaneously; in the age of pirates and in a contemporary place. Light...but bright!

I needed a laugh. Thanks!

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