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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, March 04, 2005

This one is a favorite with the girls in the office. A lighter tone to kick off a good weekend.

Garage Sale

I'm holding a garage sale in my heart:
   I'm marking down, and everything must go.
Just make a bid at my Emotion Mart—
   My maudlin mopes will get the old heave-ho.

Some someone that I knew has hit the road
   And cleaned out half the stuff in this old chest;
Since what remains will likely just corrode
   It makes more sense to sell off all the rest.

Then maybe when the place is emptied out
   I’ll decorate again in other hues,
And paper over scars—no need to pout
   About the way we all must pay love’s dues.

Affections barely worn can be reused
   For découpaging hearts, or macramé;
No reasonable cash or trade refused,
   So stop by any time, we're here all day.

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull


Jeff, What a "lighthearted" and whimsical poem; until one get's to the last line! For me the last line is very poignant. This is a very disarming poem. I really like the pace. Pace can be a very effective foil to subject and this one, in concert with the last line is just wonderful. I like it!

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