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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, April 29, 2005

The Lark and the Sparrow

As all things that have been shall be,
   As pass all things to come;
As day ne'er sets upon the sea
   Reigns ever night for some.
As heavens wheel above the Earth,
   Eternal light and dark,
We mimic 'twixt our death and birth
   The sparrow and the lark.

Her colors dull, her chirping plain
   In constant quest for food
The sparrow strives in sun and rain
   To rear her little brood,
While lark exultant on her wings
   Sings songs of joy and love
To shame the tunes of courts and kings
   And ring the clouds above.

Now like the sparrow, 'til we die,
   We toil as Life has willed,
Our labors ‘neath the arching sky
   To clothe, and feed, and build.
Still, through our toils, we raise our voice
   Although we know our fate,
Unlike the lark — yet we rejoice
   As life we celebrate!

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull


Nice blog Jeffrey. Very calm and sweet.

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