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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, June 24, 2005

Baby's Breath

Baby's breath, baby's breath, what mother would not give
To buy her baby one more breath
And let her baby live.

Born too soon, born too small, born to woe and sorrow;
Can pure desire in hearts afire
Spare her 'til tomorrow?

Savior's blood, Savior's blood, one drop may wash her clean,
But will it stay the hand of Death
And void his ghastly lien?

Mother's love, father's love, all the love around her —
Each fervent prayer a puff of air:
Spirit, now surround her!

Baby's breath, baby's breath, I heard her mother say:
In proud display the bride's bouquet
This happy wedding day.

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull

Friday, June 17, 2005


Two miles past the WalMart
   You take the second right;
Turn off on County 415
   (It's just a sign, no light).

Ten or twelve miles up that road
   You'll come to Walker's Trace;
Go left at Terry's Gas'n'More —
   It's four miles to her place.

You'll see a pretty farmhouse,
   It's shaded by some oaks;
That's where she lives with Luke and Bill
   (Her brothers) and her folks.

Just look out from her parents' porch
   I think you'll understand
Why Jenny’s folks would live up there
   And why they'd farm that land.

Some say the land is not the best
   You couldn't tell by lookin';
And you’re not leavin' 'til you're full
   With Jenny's Mama's cookin'.

I met her down at Albertville,
   Construction job one summer;
I kept her picture tucked inside
   The visor of my Hummer ...

They're teachin' me to walk again;
   I've still got one good eye —
My arms are strong, it won't be long
   'Til I'll be droppin' by.

I'll use that Army GI Bill
   And get some education;
I guess they owe a guy that much
   For fightin' for his nation.

I'm sorry Jack, for talkin' so,
   I guess I've really rambled;
With all that's happened recently
   My mind's a little scrambled.

Don't tell Jenny everything,
   I think that would upset her;
The docs ‘round here are really good —
   They'll get me lookin' better.

If you could drive out to her place
   That sure would plum delight me;
And check she's got my right address —
   I just wish she would write me.

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull

Friday, June 10, 2005

30,000 Feet

Thor's sentinels, the thunderheads
   Flash warnings as we hurry by,
   And glower in the twilight sky:
We should be home and in our beds.

Cloud-island archipelago
   Above the darkness and the rain,
   Brute sky-lords rule their grand domain
Beneath the vault of indigo.

Don't fly too close! Dark beetled scowls
   From towering gods of mist and fire
   Warn travellers to avoid their ire
With giant sparks and thunder-growls.

And then descending through the haze
   The welcome lights below shine through
   And beckon to our rendezvous,
Now safe aground, while skies yet blaze.

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull

Friday, June 03, 2005

Office Man

Bright dust motes float, held fast in beams
   Of slatted light; as fades the day
There sits a man of no extremes,
   A proper man — in every way.
But in the twilight, lazy dreams:
   Behind cool eyes, the secrets play ...
The curve of neck, the stocking seams:
   The lissome girl he saw today —

Soft bend of waist, the hair backlit;
   A breeze caressed her summer dress,
And God! he rose to let her sit —
   She did not see his thoughtfulness,
But swirled around headlong, to flit
   From tram to street, a cheekiness
Which suited more, he would admit;
   The heart expects its hopelessness.

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull
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