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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, June 10, 2005

30,000 Feet

Thor's sentinels, the thunderheads
   Flash warnings as we hurry by,
   And glower in the twilight sky:
We should be home and in our beds.

Cloud-island archipelago
   Above the darkness and the rain,
   Brute sky-lords rule their grand domain
Beneath the vault of indigo.

Don't fly too close! Dark beetled scowls
   From towering gods of mist and fire
   Warn travellers to avoid their ire
With giant sparks and thunder-growls.

And then descending through the haze
   The welcome lights below shine through
   And beckon to our rendezvous,
Now safe aground, while skies yet blaze.

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull


I have flown these same skies several times, and in your lovely description, I just flashed through those memories to safety on the ground.
Betty Z. Jones RNC
Fellow poet
Thank you for the kind words, Betty. It was a beautiful moment. I fixed the formatting just now, by the way. A minor oops on that one.

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