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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, June 17, 2005


Two miles past the WalMart
   You take the second right;
Turn off on County 415
   (It's just a sign, no light).

Ten or twelve miles up that road
   You'll come to Walker's Trace;
Go left at Terry's Gas'n'More —
   It's four miles to her place.

You'll see a pretty farmhouse,
   It's shaded by some oaks;
That's where she lives with Luke and Bill
   (Her brothers) and her folks.

Just look out from her parents' porch
   I think you'll understand
Why Jenny’s folks would live up there
   And why they'd farm that land.

Some say the land is not the best
   You couldn't tell by lookin';
And you’re not leavin' 'til you're full
   With Jenny's Mama's cookin'.

I met her down at Albertville,
   Construction job one summer;
I kept her picture tucked inside
   The visor of my Hummer ...

They're teachin' me to walk again;
   I've still got one good eye —
My arms are strong, it won't be long
   'Til I'll be droppin' by.

I'll use that Army GI Bill
   And get some education;
I guess they owe a guy that much
   For fightin' for his nation.

I'm sorry Jack, for talkin' so,
   I guess I've really rambled;
With all that's happened recently
   My mind's a little scrambled.

Don't tell Jenny everything,
   I think that would upset her;
The docs ‘round here are really good —
   They'll get me lookin' better.

If you could drive out to her place
   That sure would plum delight me;
And check she's got my right address —
   I just wish she would write me.

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull


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