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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, August 05, 2005

© 2004 - all rights reserved - reproduced by permission


I wonder what the dragonflies expect
   When morning sunlight wakes their double wings;
If rising from their reeds, they recollect
   The prior day of marshy happenings.

And fly they forth with plans to fill the day,
   Or goals to optimize each sunlit hour,
To maximize their take of insect prey
   With quotas of mosquitoes to devour?

Or live they in each moment as it comes
   To revel in their iridescent now
In blissful ignorance of charts and sums
   Like happy little children of the Tao.

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull


I am hurrying to tell you this before another Friday rolls around. This one was one of my favorites. All the more so because dragonflies, in spite of the name, bring out that respectful wonder in us. Maybe it's because their wings seem to quiver.. Who can tell..
Thanks for the kind comments, Nina. And congratulations on the new abode!

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