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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, October 07, 2005


If dawn will never come, then love the night;
   The air is cooler then, and hurry dies
In quiet concert with the fading light.
   And if all light should dim before your eyes,
Know: longing won't restore a waning sight,
   But squanders precious courage penny-wise.

If dawn will never come, trim not your lamp;
   Decant the wine, and summon friends to sing.
By this your last impression leave some stamp
   Upon recalling hearts to ease the sting
That dawns are numbered yet for prince or tramp—
   And bring a smile with their remembering.

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull


This poem brought a smile to my remembering. It made me remember how I helped serve my mother the last glass of champagne she ever drank. Thanks, Jeff.
Jeff, you have written many poems that have found their way to my heart. This poems stands out in a way that will be "remembered" daily as I glance at it as a printed reminder of how to live in the moment. Thanks.
Thanks to you both for the kind comments.

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