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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, November 11, 2005


The tipsy morning maid sails bright
   Far from her normal haunts
And riding on the rising light
   Her sober brother taunts.

She floats, a feather in the air
   Above the breeze and bough;
Her face shines round with morning's glare
   Upon her silver brow.

But soon her teasing day’s carouse
   Must end and she retire,
To hide within her somber house
   And flee her sibling’s fire.

Come back! Come back! the boy entreats,
   And play with me a while–
But she maintains her coy conceits
   With just a winsome smile.

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull


I think its the crescent moon in the morning, but I'm usually not that good at riddles.
Indeed the moon, and her brother the sun.

"Brother Sun, sister Moon." (Canticle of the Sun, St. Francis of Assisi)

But in this poem, Sister Moon is portrayed as a bit of a playgirl who stays up past her "bedtime," a bit tipsy, taunting her brother, the sun.

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