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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, December 09, 2005


The quiet pond is diamond strewn
   Like dew on midnight grass;
The breathing image of the moon
   Swims deep beneath the glass.

And high the clouds like lacy shawls
   Wrap cold celestial lights
While soundless down the moonglow falls
   In torrents from the heights.

A single pirouetting leaf
   Rides rising autumn airs,
Her lovely dance as bright as brief,
   A-tripping down the stairs.

And then the gaily twirling sprite,
   A child let out of school,
As soft as breath at last can light
   Upon the silver pool.

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull


What beautiful imagery Jeff! I love the pace of the time that finishes the image. I can almost sense a brush moving slowly across a canvas. I especially respond to the materiality of the ice/water(?), the leaf, etc. I don't ordinarily pick favorites. But if I did...
I think you're finding 'your voice', at least your lyrical voice. Typically, you combine 'modern' metaphor with an 'antique' approach. A tricky blend, but if a fella ain't writing what he LIKES< forget it.

The moon 'below' the ice is especially effective.

Another year of working at it and I think you'll hold your own with the best of them.

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