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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, February 03, 2006

Pretending the Bed Was a Raft

Gulf Stream, Winslow Homer, 1899

The bed was a raft on the ocean
With hungry sharks swimming about;
We tossed in a terrible tempest,
The wind made a horrible shout–
Then laughing-eyed arms folded round us
And gathered us tight to her breast;
At last we were safe from the danger!
As softly she tucked and caressed.
But what took those gentle arms from us
Ignoring all promise or plea,
To sail on in sadness without her,
Alone on that loneliest sea?

© 2005 Jeffrey Hull


nice poems ;)
Vielen Dank. Wie haben Sie auf meinem Blog getroffen?

(Warnung: mein Deutsch ist seit 30 Jahren unbenutz!)

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