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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, March 10, 2006

Möbius Mind

Mandelbrot fractal set. Wikipedia, under creative commons license.

I must have blinked my mind, for logic's train
   Deserted me, and there I stood: bereft
Of repartee, unable to explain
   My tortured lay of mental warp and weft,
   Ideas woven, wand'ring right and left
To reach an end and then begin again,
   A teasing circularity of theft
Purloining wit to leave a barren brain;

For fractals of mentation replicate
   By simple rule in sparse economy
Of left-or-rights that ever bifurcate
   In parsimonious autonomy,
   And trace their strange taxonomy
To work their spell at last and subjugate
   My head with ruthless heteronomy–
And lucid judgement discombobulate.

© 2006 Jeffrey Hull


I like fractals because they are sort of like mother nature's blueprint for everything. Trees, rivers, neurons, etc, etc,

Things branch...

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