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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, April 28, 2006


© 2006 Rick Lee By permission.

Old steeples float above the town
   Where birds and clouds belong,
And watch the sun drift gently down
   Each day at evensong.

The light selects a gleaming spire
   From those that dot the sky;
The others, in more drab attire
   Cannot attract its eye.

The chosen tower flaunts its glow
   Before its lofty friends
Until the sunglow dips below
   And sunset vigil ends.

Perhaps when dawn redeems the light
   And hoists it into view,
Another's crown may shine as bright
   With morning's rosy hue

But for this hour of waning day
   The chosen belfry gleams,
And revels in its grand display
   Afire with twilight beams.

© 2006 Jeffrey Hull

Friday, April 21, 2006


© 2006 Charles Johnson By permission.

A smallish speck that shrank into the clouds,
   Its freight the heavy cargo of my heart–
Aground, despair amidst the airport crowds,
   Aloft, the dreamy sky pushed us apart.

Bad luck, they say, to watch a loved one's course
   Until she's out of sight; I turned away
My face, and hid the twinges of remorse
   I'd let her go, but she's still gone today.

© 2006 Jeffrey Hull

Friday, April 14, 2006

Old Town

"Vacant Lot, Victor, Colorado 1985"
© 1985 Paul Cornelius By permission.

Old buildings by the railroad freight,
   Old storefronts in the town,
With sagging resignation wait
   For years to wear them down.

The boarded shops grow photographs
   Like mildew on the walls,
Declaiming fading epitaphs
   For lives no one recalls.

The weeds are mum what structures stood
   On littered vacant lots
That blighten up the neighborhood
   With glass and brick strewn blots.

The buildings and the people fade
   As time its purpose weaves,
As gone as last year's Fourth parade,
   Or winter's missing leaves.

© 2006 Jeffrey Hull

Friday, April 07, 2006


© 2000 Bert Katzung All rights reserved.

I saw the rosy fingered dawn,
   That fabled Eastern light,
That Homer was so set upon
   To end each storied night

Brushed soft across the glassy sea
   And breathed upon the clouds,
And signaling the sun to free
   The land the night enshrouds.

The sun peeked up and chased the dark
   'Til only light remained,
And coursed along the fiery arc
   Apollo had ordained;

It reached its zenith by and by
   And glorious shone bright,
Illuminating earth and sky,
   And banishing the night.

But as the hourglass of day
   Marked cadence with the sea,
And minutes softly slipped away–
   I watched the daylight flee

Until at last the western wave
   Was lit this time by fire;
I perched upon a lofty bluff
   To watch the sun retire.

And with a final dusky blaze
   Deserting heaven's dome
To sleep beyond our mortal gaze–
   The sun again went home.

© 2006 Jeffrey Hull
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