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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, April 07, 2006


© 2000 Bert Katzung All rights reserved.

I saw the rosy fingered dawn,
   That fabled Eastern light,
That Homer was so set upon
   To end each storied night

Brushed soft across the glassy sea
   And breathed upon the clouds,
And signaling the sun to free
   The land the night enshrouds.

The sun peeked up and chased the dark
   'Til only light remained,
And coursed along the fiery arc
   Apollo had ordained;

It reached its zenith by and by
   And glorious shone bright,
Illuminating earth and sky,
   And banishing the night.

But as the hourglass of day
   Marked cadence with the sea,
And minutes softly slipped away–
   I watched the daylight flee

Until at last the western wave
   Was lit this time by fire;
I perched upon a lofty bluff
   To watch the sun retire.

And with a final dusky blaze
   Deserting heaven's dome
To sleep beyond our mortal gaze–
   The sun again went home.

© 2006 Jeffrey Hull


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