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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, May 19, 2006

Blue Ridge

© 2006 Rick Lee

The Blue Ridge laundry hung along the sky
   Beyond the highway's disappearing end
Hums lazy longing songs of by-and-by;
   The road, too busy, hurries 'round the bend ...

The heavy sky wore mountain sawteeth dull
   So long ago; the nubbins that remain
Can scarce impede the clouds that boatlike scull
   Along the ridge above the valley rain.

The mountains must remember in their dreams
   Those ancient granite days of grand display,
When caped in snow and bumping heaven's beams
   Their brooding crags looked down upon the day;

Now, crossed with track and trail of bear and coon
   They see both what will come and what is past,
And sleep the endless sleep of rain and moon
   Until the hills are ground to sand at last.

© 2006 Jeffrey Hull


I love the image of the sky eroding the mountaintops. And of the mountains broodingly remembering their beginning and foreseeing their end -- like the gods in Asgard, no doubt.

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