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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Gate at the End of the Sky

Black Hole
        Black hole

They say there are holes in the heavens,
   Eternity's doorways agape,
Where everything's sixes and sevens,
   Where even the rays can't escape;

Where gravity's monster attraction
   Grabs atoms and pulls out their hair,
And infinite in its compaction
   The matter goes heaven knows where.

If singing the Kyri' eleison,
   Most hopeful for some saving grace,
Our souls sail beyond some horizon
   Perhaps into just such a place,

Then what if that hole is a portal
   That leads to some strange by and by–
Where human life meets the immortal:
   The gate at the end of the sky?

© 2006 Jeffrey Hull


But I thought according to plasma physics we can't reach the edge or the hole?
For reasons unknown but surely related to major changes in my life (I got me a JOB!!!), I have not read your Friday poems for a month or so. Returning to find this was a kingly treat.

I feel like I'm dancing, along with Rudyard Kipling, to the tune of Hindu street musicians in Bengal while giving the eye to 2 of Rama's daughters across the street in the market stall.

I especially liked the atoms' hair pull.
Gol dang! Yep. It's perfect. Maybe all you needed was for Raj to leave you alone to work in silence for a spell? ;)
The title, especially, is a lovely image.

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