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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, June 16, 2006


© 2006 Rick Lee All rights reserved.

Darkness be my pillow,
   And sorrow be my bed;
Bend me like the willow
   Then bind me to the stead.

Sing me soft of sadness,
   To fill my eyes with years;
Succor me my madness,
   And gently blot the tears.

Help me bear the birthing
   As what will be is born;
Ancient bones unearthing,
   My hair of pride be shorn:

Lift me, do not scold me;
   Please let me feel the skies–
Hold me, darling hold me,
   Once more before I rise.

© 2006 Jeffrey Hull


You've touched deep here, Pops. Sometime I recommend sifting it to remove all but the simplest essence, and you'll have a heart-hammerer.
But ... I get paid by the word.
It echoes old ballads beautifully, and it would be great set to music.
Me thinks the "Sawbones" hath developed a bad case of computese
whilst whiling and waxing profane....discoveries

I believe you mean, "Westminster."

Things must be especially bad at the DR message board these days. Sorry the poetry is not up to your standards.
Perhaps I can learn to spell herein......

Is it Mein Herr, or Mien Herr ?

At almost 63 I am allowed a few but,,,
I persist....NO RETIREMENT !!!

Tis terrible at the DR, I draw no
laughs,,,and Finster has all but
turned to ashes and dust.

I am not a critic of Poets,,,your
license is still in tact. Wax on...

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