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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, August 11, 2006

Anybody? Anybody?

Unicoi State Park, Helen Georgia. © 2006 Rick Lee. All rights reserved.

Has anybody spied the sky?
   I seem to have misplaced it;
I hear it's blue, but what to do–
   Some dark thing has effaced it.

Has anybody seen the wind?
   I heard someone defaced it;
Despite all pleas he marred the breeze
   And spoiled the clouds that laced it.

Has anybody sipped the sea?
   I miss the waves that graced it;
It fills my dreams and there it seems
   My mind can almost taste it.

Has anybody heard my heart?
   Some bitterness encased it,
And left its room a quiet tomb
   As if someone erased it.

© 2006 Jeffrey Hull


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