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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Great Love

Mount Everest at dawn - unimpressed by temporal travails below
© 2007 Abrahm Lustgarten

I gave my true love all I owned
   And all that I could borrow;
A fool's investment, soon bemoaned—
   It bought me only sorrow.

I bargained with a silent sky
   To turn her heart toward me;
The sky, like I, began to cry—
   But tiring, soon ignored me.

I pled my case before the sea,
   Which he found unimpressive;
His waves replied dismissively
   I seemed a bit obsessive.

I begged the mountains intervene
   To somehow sway my lover;
The frosty-topped were less than keen
   To help my heart recover.

At last I begged the laughing breeze
   To help her heartsick brother—
She giggled, racing through the trees,
   "Why, go and find another!"

©2008 Jeffrey Hull
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