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Jeffrey Hull

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Great Love

Mount Everest at dawn - unimpressed by temporal travails below
© 2007 Abrahm Lustgarten

I gave my true love all I owned
   And all that I could borrow;
A fool's investment, soon bemoaned—
   It bought me only sorrow.

I bargained with a silent sky
   To turn her heart toward me;
The sky, like I, began to cry—
   But tiring, soon ignored me.

I pled my case before the sea,
   Which he found unimpressive;
His waves replied dismissively
   I seemed a bit obsessive.

I begged the mountains intervene
   To somehow sway my lover;
The frosty-topped were less than keen
   To help my heart recover.

At last I begged the laughing breeze
   To help her heartsick brother—
She giggled, racing through the trees,
   "Why, go and find another!"

©2008 Jeffrey Hull



I came across your blog site while searching for another Jeffrey Hull. Your poem "My Great Love" is very interesting and talks of one sided love, the depths of which can only be felt by the one in love and not by the one who he loves. At least this is how I am interpreting .... and can feel the depth of emotions that you portray via this medium. Excellent read.



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