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Jeffrey Hull

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I marveled at the birds' design,
   At feathers dull or bright;
And wondered at their soaring grace,
   The tips and wheels of flight.

Then walking one fine day a bold
   Idea came to me:
I made a sparrow with my hands
   And then I set it free.

My small creation fled with joy
   Away upon its skies
But now that made with such great care
   I hardly recognize.

So now I watch and wonder yet
   Just how it came to be:
I made a sparrow with my hands
   And then I set it free.

© 2011 Jeffrey Hull


That was very lovely.
The picture was extraordinary.
The magic and wonder of small creatures, human or other, really is something isn't it?
Dear Jeffrey,
this is simply beautiful.
Thank you also for your wonderful encyclopaedia for parents. I have bookmarked it for all the people I know who could use this information.
Deep Respect,
I marvel at this work every time.

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